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Wine, history, art and legend. Poggio ai Laghi brings the complexity and pure flavors of Italy’s classic growing regions to the tourists’ eyes, nose and palate through colors, flavors and scents.

Let’s discover these amazing wines.

L u c i l l a , C h i a n t i C l a s s i c o D o c g 2 0 2 2

The Chianti Classico selected by Poggio ai Laghi comes from Castellina in Chianti. The nose recalls the scent of ripe cherries mitigated by dried violet flowers and balsamic notes.

O l e t t a , C h i a n t i R i s e r v a D O C G 2 0 2 1

Chianti Riserva DOCG is one of the wines that more than others interpret the terroir thanks to its predominance of Sangiovese, the symbolic Tuscan grape variety.

A r a n d a S u p e r t u s c a n

The meeting of Tuscany’s main grape variety, Sangiovese, with the international flavour of Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc and the intense fruity notes of Merlot.

D o n n a A v a T o s c a n a I G T 2 0 2 1 S u p e r t u s c a n


Poggio ai Laghis’ flagship wine with a varietal that most distinguishes the estate between the two lakes of Monteriggioni: Alicante.

A r a n i a I G T B i a n c o T o s c a n a

A Tuscan Vermentino with distinct aromas of white flowers, slight balsamicity and agile drinking

A r a n i a A m p h o r a 2 0 1 8

is the aged version of the estate’s Vermentino aged in hand-made terracotta amphorae

A r e l l a S p u m a n t e C u v é e E x t r a D r y

The fine selection of delicately pressed chardonnay grapes has resulted in a product with juicy green apple scents accompanied by white flowers. On the palate, persistent, caressing bubbles.


F i r m i n a S p u m a n t e R o s é E x t r a D r y

A juicy rosé base wine made from the best selections of Merlot gently pressed with only a few minutes skin contact so to get only the best of the fruit and a soft pink color note.

V i n S a n t o d e l C h i a n t i 2 0 1 9

Vin Santo is a wine belonging to the Tuscan tradition with an amber color of varying intensity aged in little in oak or chestnut barrels