J o i n o u r W i n e C l u b

Poggio ai Laghi

J o i n o u r W i n e C l u b

At Poggio ai Laghi we are constantly innovating and improving our wines, our experiences and the privileges we offer to our Poggio ai Laghi Wine Club members. 

By joining our Wine Club you will gain access to a range of exclusive benefits and products as well as being involved in our exciting events. 

Become part of the Poggio ai Laghi family with the Wine Academy, special events and exclusive opportunities at the Poggio ai Laghi estate.

There are four ways of experiencing the Poggio ai Laghi Wine Club: four ways of being part of our family.

Whoever leaves us his or her email address join us as a Winelover, then you can join and/or reach the Citizen of Chianti, Ambassador of Chianti or King/Queen of Chianti level depending on the number of grapes stored in your virtual ‘cellar’. Every euro spent in our online shop adds a grape to your stock. In this way you can remain at your chosen level or move up to acquire new privileges.

Sign up free of charge to the Poggio ai Laghi Wine Club and you automatically become a Winelover member. To reach the Citizen of Chianti level, you will need 600 grapes. Becoming an Ambassador requires 4000 grapes, and a King/Queen requires 10.000 grapes.

Members receive one grape for each euro spent on the Poggio ai Laghi online shop.

After joining, the number of grapes accrued determines whether members will remain at their chosen level or move upwards.

J o i n o u r W i n e C l u b

Join our Wine Club

W h y B e c o m e a M e m b e r ?

First Access to Limited-Production Wines

Be the first to know about our newest vintages and have exclusive access to them

Member-Only Discounts and Promotion

Get 15% savings on current release wines and $15 flat rate for worldwide shipping.

Flexibility that
Suits Your Needs

Choose between 4, 6 or 12 shipments a year, and different payment plans.

Exclusive Events and Experiences

Get invited to our member-only events and experiences and bring up to 3 more people.

Member-Only Offers and Savings

Buy more, spend less with our exclusive offers.

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Welcome to Poggio ai Laghi Wine Club Family!