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Poggio ai Laghi

Francesco Sguazzi

The Poggio ai Laghi farm is located in Chianti, an area renowned throughout the world for its historic vocation for the production of quality wine, beauty of its hilly landscapes, symbol of made in Italy of excellence.

Poggio ai Laghi

Poggio ai Laghi is nestled in the historic Chianti region near the medieval town of Monteriggioni. Here we follow the strictest italian traditions to produce our Chiantis, Classico and Riserva. This uniquely italian method of producing wine is also followed in the production of our Supertuscans where the lack of DOCG restraints has alloted us the creative freedom to produce some truly exquisit wines. Despite being in the heart of a Red wine country, we offer a unique veriety of Vermentino white wines. Alongside our wines we also produce divine Balsamic DOP vinegars made in our cellars in the small town of Modena.

Whoever crosses the threshold of Poggio ai Laghi is instantly transported back to a time, where traditional methods still rein supreme.


Encounter the authentic art, history and legends through Tuscany’s vibrant colors, complex flavors and unparalleled scents.


Poggio ai Laghi

As an homage to the history of the women of Monteriggioni, each one of our bottles is dedicated to Donna Ava and her 7 handmaids. The uniqueness of a region controlled by women is represented by our artist’s depictions of Ava and her handmaids who truly gave birth to this region. The lives and stories of these eight women live on through Chiara Viviani’s brilliant and colorful renditions of these medieval assets to Italian culture.

Wine, history, art and legend. Poggio ai Laghi is a magical place where you can encounter authentic Tuscany through colors, flavors and scents. The history of Monteriggioni and its patroness, Countess Ava; the art that brought it back to life; the legend of the 7 handmaids with special talents, now synthesized in the wines dedicated to them.

“At Poggio ai Laghi we value the culture of our territory: from the centuries-old tradition of Chianti and its wines, to the cuisine made in Tuscany to the stories of the places and people who inhabited these places before us.

 Come visit us: we will be honored to share a piece of our roots with you.”


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E x c l u s i v e W i n e C o c k t a i l P a r t y

April 14, 19:00h/ Free of charge

A glamorous one-time event that meets up all wine connoisseurs.

A f t e r n o o n P i c n i c

$75 per Guest

Every last Sunday of the of the month throughout the summer season (May-September) we hold a picnic where wine-makers and wine-lovers alike meet to enjoy each other’s company. Combined with select wines and freshly made 3-course meal for everyone, this is the recipe for the perfect Sunday afternoon.