Customer Loyalty: the Wine Club at Poggio ai Laghi

C u s t o m e r L o y a l t y : t h e W i n e C l u b a t P o g g i o a i L a g h i


In the world of wine, customer loyalty and retention are paramount. At Poggio ai Laghi, we understand this and have created a unique Wine Club to foster a strong relationship with our customers. Our Wine Club is not just about selling wine; it’s about creating an engaging and rewarding experience that keeps our customers coming back.

The Poggio ai Laghi Wine Club

Our Wine Club is structured into four levels of membership: Winelover, Citizen of Chianti, Ambassador of Chianti and King/Queen of Chianti. Each level offers a unique set of benefits and rewards, encouraging our customers to engage more with our brand and products.



By signing up free of charge to the Poggio ai Laghi Wine Club, you automatically become a Winelover member. This level is our way of welcoming you into the Poggio ai Laghi family. As a Winelover, you will receive regular updates about our wines, vineyard news, upcoming events and special offers.

Citizen of Chianti

As you continue your journey with us, you can ascend to the Citizen of Chianti level by collecting 600 grapes. This level offers additional benefits, such as the official certificate, a dedicated wine expert, the first level our Wine Academy and a dedicated event. It’s our way of saying thank you for your continued support.


With 4000 grapes, you become an Ambassador of Chianti. This prestigious level offers even more exclusive benefits, including access to the second level of our Wine Academy and a personal wine expert always at your service. As an Ambassador, you are not just a customer; you are a representative of the Poggio ai Laghi brand.


The pinnacle of our Wine Club is the King/Queen level, which requires 10,000 grapes. This level offers the most exclusive benefits, including a master with our Wine Academy, a private event at your home, and the annual invitation to the gathering with the crowning ceremony and award plate. As a King/Queen, you are part of the Poggio ai Laghi royalty.

Wine Club Poggio ai Laghi

The Role of the Wine Club in Customer Loyalty

Our Wine Club plays a crucial role in fostering customer loyalty and retention. By offering a tiered membership structure, we encourage our customers to engage more with our brand. Each level of membership offers unique benefits and rewards, providing an incentive for customers to continue their journey with us.

Moreover, our Wine Club creates a sense of community among our customers. It allows them to feel connected to our brand and to each other, fostering a sense of loyalty and belonging.

In conclusion, the Poggio ai Laghi Wine Club is more than just a club; it’s a journey of discovery, engagement, and reward. It’s a key tool in our strategy to foster customer loyalty, ensuring that our customers remain part of the Poggio ai Laghi family for years to come.

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